Oqaatsut w. dogsled and Restaurant H8!

Experience a Greenlandic settlement during the arctic winter!

This tour takes you on adventure in the snow-covered area around Oqaatsut. Oqaatsut is a settlement of 30 people, located 20 kilometers north of Ilulissat. Experience the tour during the day including lunch or during the afternoon/evening including dinner at Restaurant H8!

By boat you will be transported from Ilulissat Harbor through the wintery ocean where drifting icebergs will pass you on their path north out of the Disko Bay. Once we arrive in Oqaatsut, the boat will dock by the edge of the frozen bay. This time of year, the harbor in Oqaatsut is inaccessible due to the ice. This means that you will experience walking across the frozen bay and into the settlement. The hosts of H8 will welcome you by the boat and help you over the ice. It is completely safe to walk on the ice and the scenery from the ice in unforgettable.

When you get to H8 you will get dressed up in our warm full body suits – alike the ones that the Greenlandic fishermen uses nowadays. The local musher is ready with his dogs and sled to take you out on an adventure over the frozen bay. Dogsledding is one of the oldest traditions in Greenland and are today used for both pleasure and work by the locals. Seeing the area from the sled is a very unique experience. You will hear nothing but the paws of the running dogs touching the snow and the musher communicating with them. 

After approx. 1 hour on the ice, you will return to Restaurant H8, where it is possible to heat up again after the hike, and to sit and enjoy the view over the bay. 
The settlement is worth a walk around as well, and is filled with amazing viewpoints over the Diskobay and smaller bay sorrounding Oqaatsut. The settlement is authentic, quiet, and cozy. 

When going on the daytour, lunch will then be served in the restaurant where you can enjoy the meal with view of the settlement and the frozen bay. 
Likewise, the evening tour ends with dinner at Restaurant H8 before the boat takes you back to Ilulissat. 

The meals in Restaurant H8 is prepared from fish or meat from the Greenlandic nature. Please provide us with the information when booking if you have any allergies or other preferences that we should be aware of, regarding the meals. 

Included in the tour: 
- Boat shuttle to and from Oqaatsut 
- Dogsledding over the ice with a local musher 
- Lunch or dinner at Restaurant H8 (not including drinks) 


Duration: 6 hours
Difficulty: 3 of 5
Season: 1. march - 10.april
Participants: Minimum 4 on the boat shuttle