© Pilersuisoq/Steen Olsen

Pilersuisoq Supermarket

Provisions for your stay

The local supermarket, Pilersuisoq, is well-stocked with a wide range of fresh and packaged foods, Greenlandic specialties, toiletries and everyday-use items that might you might need.

If you would like to prepare some of your own meals during your stay, a communal kitchen is available for all guests at both Old Camp and Polar Lodge.


The supermarket is located across from Kangerlussuaq International Airport. They also operate a duty-free shop within the airport.


Monday 09:00-18:00

Tuesday 09:00-18:00

Wednesday 09:00-18:00 

Thursday 09:00-18:00

Friday 09:00-18:00

Saturday 09:00-14:00

Sunday 09:00-13:00


Did you know?

Pilersuisoq is a chain of all-purpose general stores in Greenland, a major division of the state-owned KNI conglomerate.