About Albatros Arctic Circle

Decades of local experience

Albatros Arctic Circle is a Greenlandic tourist company with years of experience in our two destinations in North Greenland: Ilulissat and Kangerlussuaq. 

Three decades ago, we were a pioneer travel operator to venture into the arctic wilderness of Greenland. We fell in love with the sprawling landscapes, the long and dark winters only brightened by the sparkling snow, the breathtaking northern lights (aurora borealis), and the short, surprisingly green summers lit by the midnight sun. We cherish the seemingly endless icescapes and the warmth of the Greenlandic people.

Today, we have cemented our presence in Kangerlussuaq in the form of a local office offering business-to-business services, a restaurant, gift shop, two hostels and a portfolio of exciting excursions. In Ilulissat we own and operate both a hotel and a tour operation company with boats, kayaks, hiking tours and the renown Restaurant H8 Explorer in Oqaatsut (Rodebay) only 30 minutes of sailing north of the town.

Whether you choose an exciting dog sled ride, kayaking, tundra safari or sightseeing tour, our team looks forward to sharing their Greenland with you.

Our passion for Greenland is all encompassing and reflected in everything we do here. When choosing Albatros Arctic Circle, you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience. 



Did you know?

Three decades ago, we were the first travel operators to venture into the arctic wilderness of Greenland. 


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