Dog Sledding Tour, 2 hours

Spending any time above the Arctic Circle during the winter sledding months certainly calls for a classic dog sledding experience.

Not only will you gain new respect for the Greenlandic sled dog’s keen abilities and innate environmental awareness while on a dog sledding expedition, but you will also better understand the importance of sled dogs to man’s survival and everyday life north of the Arctic Circle. It is truly a heartwarming cultural experience.

The sled dog is a working animal and does not share much in common with a typical family pet. It enjoys an iconic status in Greenland, and fulfills a very important role in the Greenlandic way of life. Due to Greenland’s isolated location and Greenlanders keen awareness of the sled dog’s unique abilities, breeders have placed great importance on maintaining the breed’s purity and imposed strict regulations to prevent crossbreeding. These efforts have ensured the Greenlandic sled dog is one of the world’s most pure breeds.

Here in Kangerlussuaq, the fjord offers the opportunity for a sledding excursion across the frozen, flat ice, which can provide a more pleasant, smoother ride than when driving across hilly terrain. 

To ensure you are comfortably warm during the drive, we provide the same type of outerwear and footwear that actually many drivers prefer, including warm fur clothing and good boots with appropriate insulation that can withstand the biting cold temperatures and wind.

The sled team will lead you over the fjord to enjoy the magnificent nature, as well as the love these dogs have for pulling the sled across the frozen terrain. Sled dogs work as a team with a clear hierarchy, where the driver is head of the pack. To begin, the driver will lead the team halfway, and then provide a lesson on how to control and care for the dogs. Before the excursion is over, you will have a chance to drive the sled and lead the team!

For those seeking more adventure, we recommend our 4-hour dog sledding excursion.


Destination: Kangerlussuaq
Duration: 2 hours
Difficulty: 2 of 5
Season: January - April


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Practical information


  • Transfer
  • Polar-grade clothing

Packing Tips

We suggest dressing in inner layers of warm, insulated clothing.


With respect to outerwear, we will outfit you with the same type of outerwear and footwear that many drivers prefer. This is include in your excursion package. The gear will include warm fur clothing and good boots with appropriate insulation that can withstand the biting cold temperatures and wind. 

General Safety Rules

Your guide will provide a full briefing prior to the start of your excursion. It is essential that you adhere to the regulations in place, so that we can best ensure your safety, as well as the safety of your guide and the dog sledding team.