Camp Ice Cap

An unforgettable ice camping and trekking adventure

Feel nature’s veritable strength amidst a Greenlandic summer or winter. Stay overnight on the Greenland Ice Sheet. Brave the blustery winds and snowfall for an opportunity to witness the stunning northern lights and the stillness of endless ice. 

The chance to overnight on the Greenlandic Ice Sheet is typically reserved for research and expedition purposes, but to join our special camping experience, one need not be a glaciologist or die-hard adventurer! All that is required to join this unrivaled 2-day/1-night expedition is your sense of adventure and the pursuit of a unique life experience.

Only two ice sheets exist in the world, namely in Antarctica and in Greenland, where the settlement of Kangerlussuaq is fortunate to enjoy a distinguishing feature – it is the only place in Greenland where you can literally drive to the Greenland Ice Sheet and it is situated only 37 km from Kangerlussuaq! From all other locations in Greenland, you must hike, sail or fly.

This mini-expedition offered both summer and winter begins in our 4WD all-terrain vehicle, which features large panoramic windows, making it easy to enjoy the changing landscape along the way. We will drive approximately one hour to our destination, Point 660, and hold an important briefing on safety and the forthcoming activities.

Following the leadership of our experienced guide, we will venture onto the Greenland Ice Sheet and walk in the footsteps of legendary explorers such as Fridtjof Nansen. 

Upon reaching our destination, our first priority will be setting up camp. With our night’s accommodations in order, it is time to relax with a warm beverage and enjoy the total silence that prevails only a few kilometers into the ice sheet. Isolated from modern electrical conveniences and the buzzing of city lights, this is an extraordinary opportunity to witness the northern lights (aurora borealis) amid the winter’s darkness.

Dinner is warm, wholesome and simple, consisting of freeze-dried food that is easy to carry on such an expedition. In an environment where no other food sources are available, this humble meal leaves us feeling happy and at ease.

Following an adventurous night spent snuggled in our warm sleeping bags and an energy-packed breakfast, it is time to get going on our hike. Following a route across seemingly eternal fields of ice, we set our sights on the Greenlandic Icesheet. We must proceed with thoughtfulness, heeding any potential ice fissures. Throughout the duration of this expedition, we will maintain a safe distance from danger and plot a route across secure terrain. Crampons and trekking poles will provide each guest with extra stability. Ropes will not be used.

Depending on the weather conditions, we will enjoy our packed lunch while in route or back at base camp. As our adventure concludes, we will break camp, packing up our goods and leaving only footprints behind. We will return to civilization, feeling enriched and awakened by our winter camping adventure on the Greenland Ice Sheet.

As a participant for this trip we expect that you don't mind pulling a pulk with your own / or group equipment from the ice edge to the camp. This effort is considered by the majority of all participants as a fairly easy and natural task to perform, so we are only mentioning this as a kind heads-up in advance.

Do not expect to see the aurora borealis appear from April to September due to brigther days and nights in between those two months.


Destination: Kangerlussuaq
Duration: 2 days - 1 night
Difficulty: 4 of 5
Season: March - October


Practical information


  • Transport
  • Dinner
  • Lunch
  • Guide
  • Crampons
  • Hiking poles
  • Camping equipment