Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions below are the basis of an agreement between you as a customer, and Albatros Arctic Circle as the travel agency. Albatros Arctic Circle (AAC) has product insurance with Codan Insurance. AAC only uses boats approved by the Danish Maritime Authority for passenger transport, and only boats with valid insurance coverage. 


1. Registration

The agreement is binding between you and AAC once the deposit has been paid.

The informed names must be in line with the names of the guests’ passports.

2. Terms of payment

The following rules apply, unless informed otherwise on the specific excursions on our website:

The entire amount of the excursion(s) must be paid when booking the excursion(s).

Some excursions might have other terms of payment and cancellation. This could apply to cruises, excursions with special hired boats or flights. These conditions will be present on the specific excursions on our website.

Children prices: Children under 2 years old are free of charge on the excursions. Children in the age between 2 and 11 (both numbers included) can attend at reduced price on some excursions.

3. Cancellations by the guest

Reservations of excursions of between 1 og 7 participants:
Reservations for guests between 1 og 7 participants can be cancelled free of charge up to 3 days prior to tour start. All cancellations must be in writing to ilulissat@aac.gl for Ilulissat excursions, and kangerlussuaq@aac.gl for Kangerlussuaq excursions to be valid.
Cancellations made less than 3 days prior to tour start, there will be a cancellation fee of the total price of the excursion. This also applies to no-shows.
Reservations of excursions of 8 or more participants:
Reservations for guests of 8 or more participants can be cancelled free of charge up to 30 days prior to tour start. All cancellations must be in writing to ilulissat@aac.gl for Ilulissat excursions, and kangerlussuaq@aac.gl for Kangerlussuaq excursions to be valid.
Cancellations made less than 3 days prior to tour start, there will be a cancellation fee of the total price of the excursion. This also applies to no-shows.

If your flight or boat gets delayed on it’s way to Ilulissat or Kangerlussuaq, which interferes with a booked tour with AAC, we ask you to contact AAC as soon as possible. We will each time try to reschedule the excursion if possible, but there is no guarantee for this and AAC does not offer refund in this case.

4. Cancellations made by AAC

AAC reserves the right to cancel excursion in case of the following: Not enough participants, problematic weather conditions such as ice in the fjord, slippery roads, lack of visibility, technical problems on the vehicles, snow mobiles or boats. It is the captain on the boats, the snow mobile guide and drivers decision alone to decide whether the excursions can be completed as planned or not.
If AAC has to cancel an excursions due to any of the above, the full price of the cancelled excursion will be refunded to the guests.

If you have purchased more than one excursion with AAC, and one excursion are affecting other excursions in the remaining program, AAC will try to reschedule free of charge so the entire program can be completed. AAC however gives no guarantees for this.
AAC does not account for other operators excursions if program changes affects these.

Priorities at cancellations: When excursions are cancelled due to any of the above, situations can occur where some will be rescheduled while others will not. In these situations it is not only a priority of when the excursion has been purchased, since other factors can affect the decision. It is AAC only that decides who will participate in the excursions.

5. Shortened excursions

Dog sled and snow mobile excursions can be shortened or changed during the excursion due to weather conditions, ice etc.
It is the guide/musher alone that decides how the excursion will be completed, and AAC offers no compensation for changed or shortened excursions.

Hikes can be shortened, or the route can be changed due to visibility, fog or other weather conditions that does not allow us to complete the full excursion. AAC does not offer compensation or refund for shortened or changed hikes.

Boat excursions can be changed according to weather- and ice conditions. It is the captain alone who decides this. AAC offers refund if the boat excursion is shortened by more than 25% of the total length of the excursion.

6. Minimum of participants

Some excursions have a minimum of participants. This number will be presented under each excursion. We can in some cases make exceptions and proceed with a smaller number of participants. Cancellations due to lack of participants can happen until 1 hour before the excursion begins. Should this happen, AAC will try to suggest an alternative excursions (not necessarily for the same day). If this is not possible, AAC will cancel and refund the excursion. Other than this refund, guests can’t claim other compensations.

7. Time of excursions

AAC reserves the right to change the departure times on the tickets. We therefor recommend that you contact AAC when you arrive in Kangerlussuaq or Ilulissat to get an updated program.

8. Price changes

According to the law, the tour operator can increase the price of the excursion according to increasing transportation costs, changed taxes, toll fees or other fees.
For group travels, increasing of prices will be following these principles:

  • We change our pricelists continuously, and an excursion will always be sold at the current price, even if you are in possession of an outdated pricelist.
  • Sometimes the same excursion can be sold at different prices, since we rarely let price regulations affect excursions bought before the price regulation.

9. Price changes after booking

AAC reserves the right to, after booking, to increase the price due to changes in import, transportation, exchange rates or other circumstances that we can not prepare for. This however only happens on rare occasions.

10. Transfer of tickets

Under certain circumstances excursions can be transferred to friends or family. Transfer fee are according to the excursion. AAC does not resell an already booked and paid excursion, and sets no guarantee for transfer.

11. Travel documents

If other traveldocuments are necessary, these will be send to all participants when the total amount of the excursion are paid.

12. Insurances

AAC has all legally required insurances, but these does not apply to participants personal belongings. If your private belongings are damaged or lost on excursions, you have to contact your own insurance. We therefor recommend that you from your home country has an insurance, that covers in this case.

It is a condition for participating in the excursion that you behave responsibly, considerate and are in line with AAC and our staffs instructions.

13. Vaccinations

Information on vaccinations must be collected at your doctor’s. If AAC however recommend any disease preventing treatments, it must be seen as a service without any medical liability.

14. Mobility impaired and handicapped

It will be described in the excursion if the excursion sets specific demands to physical health. A main rule is, that all participants must be able to help themselves and not be depending on AAC staff. Wheelchair users and mobility impaired guests with a companion are more than welcome on most of our excursions, but we recommend that you contact AAC to receive the best advise on our excursions. AAC reserves the right to reject guests according to our assessment on whether the guests is able to complete the excursion or not.

15. Liability

Besides the refunds described in point 4, AAC waivers all compensation liabilities for cancelled excursions and expectations from the guests. AAC waivers all liability to compensate in relation to delays on excursions that means that guests won’t make the connection to a transportation.

16. Waiver of liability

Excursions with AAC is activities connected to certain risks, including, but not limited to, nature disasters, civilian unrest, dangerous roads and paths, off road activities, accommodation, vehicles, boats and other forms of transportation; drowning, sprains, exhausting, bruises or broken bones, insect bites, altitude sickness, hypothermia and frost bites, non-sanitary food or water, accidents, disease without access to fast evacuation or access to medical assistance.
The above mentioned dangers and risks are only examples, and other dangers and risks can be related to activities with AAC.

As participant you personally take on all risks, whether the risks are foreseen or unforeseen, known or unknown to do harm, including all types of damage or personal damage, that might happen during the activities.  

17. Complaints

If you have a complaint, you must present it during the excursion so AAC has a chance to improve the conditions and try to meet your complain. You also have to address your complaint to AAC staff after the excursion. If the complaints target can’t be met here, you must send a complain in writing to AAC no later than 3 weeks after your return from Ilulissat or Kangerlussuaq.

All lawsuits against AAC will be handled within the Greenlandic judiciary.

18. Use of personal information

When reserving an excursion with AAC, we collect following information on all participants: name, gender and elected excursions, plus the following information in relation to payment: address, email address and payment method. If you purchase a boat excursion, your names will be delivered to the shipping company.

Besides this, none of the information given to AAC will be passed on.

19. Other conditions

Erros in print on website, brochures and other sales material can happen. Any demand against AAC must be decided in Greenlands judiciary.



Did you know?

Albatros Arctic Circle is a Greenlandic company registered according to national legislation with company number 12471122