Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions below are the basis of an agreement between you as a customer, and Albatros Arctic Circle as the travel agency. Albatros Arctic Circle (AAC) has product insurance with Codan Insurance. AAC only uses boats approved by the Danish Maritime Authority for passenger transport, and only boats with valid insurance coverage. 


1. Booking

Booking a trip is binding for both customers and the tour operator once the deposit has been paid.

The names of the participants given to AAC have to be according to the names in the travellers’ passports. 

2. Conditions of payment

The following rules apply unless other conditions are stipulated in the tour itinerary or practical information relating to the specific tour on our website. 

Full payment must be made upon booking the excursion.

Please note that some excursions have different conditions of payment and often have stricter conditions for cancellation, i.e. excursions utilising chartered ships or flights. These conditions will be stated in the excursion itinerary or practical information relating to the specific excursion on our website. 

Prices for children: Infants less than 2 years of age participate in our excursions for free. Children from ages 2-11 years (inclusive), participate in our excursions at a reduced price as per the price list for AAC excursions. 

3. Cancellations by the customer

If the customer cancels an excursion up to 30 -15 days prior to departure, a handling fee of 85% of the total price of the excursion will be charged. Later cancellations: the customer has no claim to reimbursement. 

When the excursion is fully paid for and confirmed, it is not possible to cancel, change or hand over the ticket. We recommend that you buy health insurance and travel insurance so your excursions are insured in case you, your travel companion or immediate family member becomes ill. 

AAC is not responsible for delayed flights or any other means of transportation to either Kangerlussuaq or Ilulissat. Should you be delayed on your journey to Ilulissat and/or Kangerlussuaq, resulting in you not being able to participate in a purchased excursion, we ask you to contact AAC as soon as possible. We will try to move the timing of the excursion, but there is no guarantee of this being possible.

4. Cancellations by Albatros Arctic Circle

AAC reserves the right to cancel arrangements due to the following conditions: not enough participants, bad ice conditions, technical problems on boats and bad weather. It is the captain of the boat or AAC who makes the decision to cancel an excursion e.g. due to bad weather – not the customer. If AAC cancels an excursion, because of the reasons mentioned above, the full amount will be refunded to the customer, including all other fees paid. 

If the customer has bought other excursions from AAC, and one excursion influences the other tours in the programme, we will try to adjust the programme at no additional cost, in order to offer the booked excursions, in a different order. If excursions in this connection should be cancelled we also refund these, provided they are booked through AAC. AAC doesn’t undertake the responsibility for other operators’ excursions if changes in the programme affect these.

Prioritisation in case of cancellations: When excursions are cancelled because of the reasons mentioned above, it is possible that someone with a guaranteed ticket is unable to participate in an excursion, while others are able to. In such case, prioritisations are not made solely based on when the ticket is bought, as other considerations can play a part. AAC assumes full responsibility of participation in the component excursions.

5. Shortened excursions

Ongoing excursions can, for various reasons, be shortened or changed due to bad weather, snow conditions on the trail, ice conditions etc. 

The route or length of the sled excursion or the snowmobile tour is sometimes changed because of the weather, the trail, ice conditions etc. If the sled driver or snowmobilie guide deems it necessary to change or shorten the duration of the excursion due to weather and safety considerations, no compensation is given. 

Hiking trips can likewise change because of fog or other kinds of weather conditions that do not allow for the completion of the hike. If the guide deems it necessary to change the planned route or shorten the hike due to weather or safety considerations, no compensation is given. 

The route and duration of boat trips may change depending on weather and ice conditions. Changes to the route and duration of sailing trip are made by the captain if necessary. Subsequently, the lost minutes of sailing will be refunded if this exceeds 25% of the total excursion time. There is no refund on any shortened time on land.

6. Minimum number of participants

Certain excursions can only be carried out with a minimum number of participants. The minimum number is specified on the excursion descriptions. We do, in a few cases, make exceptions and carry out excursions with fewer participants. Cancellation of excursions due to too few participants can happen up to an hour before the start of the excursion. If this should happen, we will do our utmost to offer an alternative excursion. If this is not possible, the excursion will be cancelled and the client will receive a full refund. In the event of a cancellation and refund, no further claim for compensation can be made against AAC.

7. Time changes

We reserve the right to change the times written on the ticket. We therefore recommend that you contact AAC immediately after your arrival to Ilulissat or Kangerlussuaq to get an updated programme for the day.

8. Changes in price

In accordance with legislation, tour operators may raise the agreed upon price as a result of increased transport costs (including increased fuel prices), altered taxes, tariffs and fees, as well as fluctuating exchange rates. Unfortunately, many sudden price increases occur as a result of fuel surcharges, increased safety taxes or other taxes. On many overseas travels, these extra costs may exceed several thousand DKK. Price increases will take place according to the following principles:

• Please note that we continuously update our price lists, and that an excursion will always be sold at the current price even though the customer may be in possession of an outdated price list.

• The same excursion may have been sold at different prices, because we rarely permit price increases to influence the price of excursions that have been booked prior to the price increase. 

9. Price change after reservation

AAC reserves the right to increase the price after reservation due to changes in purchase conditions, cost of transport (including the price of fuel and taxes), foreign exchange quotations or other circumstances that cannot be take into account beforehand. However, please note that prices rarely increase after reservation. 

10. Change of traveller

In keeping with legislation, and if practically possible, transferring one’s excursion (instead of cancelling it) to family or friends on the condition of paying a fee is an option. The size of the fee depends on the nature of the excursion. The tour operator does not carry out resale of excursions already paid for, nor does the tour operator guarantee that a change of traveller can be effectuated. 

11. Travel documents

If travel documents, other than the invoice, are required, these will be emailed or posted to the participants upon full payment. 

Additional travel documents include vouchers and itinerary that show the pre-booked services at your destination. If you are participating in an excursion with a guide or in an event described in our programme, you will be given a voucher beforehand. 

12. Passport and Visa

We recommend that your passport is valid for at least 6 months after returning from your destination. 

13. Insurances

AAC has compulsory product insurances. However, it does not cover insurance of the participant’s personal belongings. Should personal belongings be damaged or lost on an excursion, it is at one’s own expense. We therefore recommend that you take out an insurance that covers these cases before leaving your home country. It is of paramount importance regarding transportation in case of illness, as well as home transportation, etc. when you are travelling abroad as your public health insurance normally does not cover this. All travellers are responsible for having the appropriate insurance coverage.

Participation on a trip presumes responsible and considerate behaviour, and you are expected to comply with the directions of the tour operator and its representatives. It is not advisable for travellers to venture alone into unknown and remote areas especially after nightfall. If you wish to be independent, this should always be in consultation with the tour operator or its local representatives. Should the tour operator not be represented at certain destinations, please consult relevant guidebooks for advice on specific conditions. 

14. Vaccination requirements

These should be obtained from your own physician.  Information given by the tour operator about vaccination and/or prophylactic measures or other medical subjects should be considered a service that is under no medical liability. 

15. People with disabilities

It will always appear from the itinerary whether special demands on physical ability and health are required for completing the excursion. A principal rule is that all travel participants must be self-reliant. Wheelchair users and people with a motor handicap are very welcome on many of our excursions, but please consult the tour operator before booking an excursion. The tour operator reserves the right to turn away participants who, based on the tour operator’s professional opinion, will not be able to complete the excursion on their own. The tour operator is not responsible for any such refusal. 

16. Liability to pay compensation

AAC renounces any responsibility in relation to cancelled excursions and compensations for expected experiences. Furthermore, we also renounce any liability to pay compensation in relation to delays that cause the participant to miss a transportation connection. 

Furthermore, AAC limits the liability to pay compensation for flight transport to the sum/amount laid down in the Warsaw Convention and for sea transport to the sum/amount laid down in the Athens Convention.

17. Waiver of liability

Excursions with Albatros Arctic Circle involve a certain inherent risk including, but not limited to forces of nature, civil unrest, dangerous roads, trails, off road activities, accommodation, vehicles, boats or other means of conveyance; drowning, sprains, bruises or broken bones; insect bites and stings; altitude related illness; hypothermia and frostbite; unsanitary food or water; accident or illness without access to means of rapid evacuation or availability of medical supplies; inadequate medical attention; physical exertion. The aforementioned hazards and risks are described by way of example only, and there are numerous other hazards and risks inherent in the activities provided by Albatros Arctic Circle.

18. Complaints

Any complaints are to be stated during the excursion so that AAC can attempt to rectify the unsatisfactory conditions or any other shortcomings. Also, they must be directed to the staff of AAC immediately after the completion of the trip. If the complaint is not resolved, a written complaint is to be sent no later than 3 weeks after returning from the trip. All proceedings and disputes will be ruled upon according to the Greenlandic judicial system.

19. Use of personal information

When you have reserved an excursion at AAC, we gather the following information about all participants: names, gender and choice of excursions. We will gather the following information about the payer: address, email and payment form. The participant names will be passed on to the shipping company, if a boat trip has been purchased. In other cases the information given to AAC will not be passed on to third parties.

20. Other conditions

We have done our best to avoid misprints in our catalogues, brochures, advertisements and on our website, but in the unlikely event this occurs, AAC assumes no responsibility for misprints in these media. Any demand against AAC is to be settled according to the Greenlandic judicial system.


Did you know?

Albatros Arctic Circle is a Greenlandic company registered according to national legislation with company number GER: 12489617