Hotel Hvide Falk

Hotel Hvide Falk is a historic hotel, which was founded as the first luxury hotel for tourists back in 1970. Since then, the hotel has been expanded and continuously modernized without losing its historical origins and its focus on Greenland's history and proud culture and traditions. 

The central location of the hotel in Ilulissat, a few minutes walking distance to both the center and the old town with church and museum, as well as the good view of the Disko Bay, are among the reasons that many guests of us become regular visitors.

Whether you're on your one-way trip to incomparable Ilulissat or if there are more stops along the way, our experienced staff will welcome you to Ilulissat - 'tikilluarit', as it's called in Greenlandic! 

Hotel Hvide Falk offers 38 rooms, 9 hotel apartments and a family house located next door to the hotel itself. Depending on the season, HHF has 10-20 employees in Ilulissat. The chief executive of Hotel Hvide Falk is Edvard Rosbach.