Town Tour

Light walking - all year round

Join us on a guided town tour where we walk to the cultural and historic highlights of Ilulissat and make several scenic photo stops as we go along.

We will start at the historical Hotel Hvide Falk and on our way pass the Zion Church, the local fish market, the museums*, the harbour and different great viewpoints among other places. All places, which are important to the city or have interesting stories.

Learn the Story of the Old and Modern Ilulissat

By joining a guided town tour, you will learn the origin of Ilulissat, how the city has developed over the years, why the Inuits have been in the area for thousands of years, how important fishing is to the Ilulissat and much more.

However, every tour is different and our experienced guides will try to tailor each tour to the interests and questions of the guests.

*Please note, we won’t enter the museums during this tour.


Destination: Ilulissat
Duration: 2 hours
Difficulty: 1 of 5
Season: February - November
Participants: 3