Overnight experience at Restaurant H8 Explorer

Experience a Greenlandic settlement and spend the night in historical buildings

This tour takes you on adventure in the snow-covered area around Oqaatsut. Oqaatsut is a settlement of 30 people, located 20 kilometers north of Ilulissat.

By boat you will be transported from Ilulissat Harbor through the wintery ocean where drifting icebergs will pass you on their path north out of the Disko Bay. Once we arrive in Oqaatsut, the boat will dock by the edge of the frozen bay. This time of year, the harbor in Oqaatsut is inaccessible due to the ice. This means that you will experience walking across the frozen bay and into the settlement. The hosts of H8 will welcome you by the boat and help you over the ice. It is completely safe to walk on the ice and the scenery from the ice in unforgettable.

When you get to H8 you will embark on an excursion with one of our hosts! Either walk through the snow-covered arctic landscape with snowshoes, that gives you the opportunity to go places otherwise not possible. Or try your luck with the traditional ice fishing on the frozen bay.
After your excursion, it is time to get settled into H8 Explorer. The building is dated back to 1894, where it was made as a warehouse for Royal Greenlandic Trade. Today the building is both protected and worthy of preservation, which gives it an authentic and cozy feeling. You are accommodated in a dormitory in single beds, and with an adjacent shared room for reading a book or enjoying a coffee.

You will have time to explore the settlement on your own before dinner is served at Restaurant H8. The meal is created from some of Greenland’s fantastic fish and meat, and we offer a selection of local beers, different soft drinks, and wine. If you are in the mood for something sweet after, it will be possible to order dessert or a "Goodnight-drink" - for instance the wellknown Greenlandic Coffee 

When the restaurant closes, it is the perfect time for trying to spot another arctic phenomenon: The northern lights. The limited light coming from the settlement creates great surroundings for the green and purple light to dance above you on the dark sky.

The next morning, breakfast will be served in Restaurant H8 before the boat is ready to take you back to Ilulissat.

What to bring for the overnight experience? 
- Warm clothes for the excursion in the afternoon and for exploring the northern lights. 
- Regular personal stuff like a toothbrush, medicine and such. 
- Warm socks or loafers for when you are in H8, relaxing clothes, and maybe a good book 
We recommend you let most of your lugage stay in Ilulissat at your hotel/overnight place. Otherwise you are welcome to store it at Hotel Hvide Falk until you get back from Oqaatsut.

Please be aware: 
- The accommodation on this tour is a shared doormitory, and not a private room 
- The settlement only has bag-toilets, there are no suar system in the settlement
- It is not possible to take a shower at H8
- There no Wifi at H8; here we enjoy the nature, a good book or each other's company. 
- The menu at Restaurant H8 is a set menu. Therefore, please provide us with any information on allergies or other preferences that we should be aware about when booking. 
- If the weather conditions should be so that we can't go to Oqaatsut from Ilulissat, please be aware that Albatros Arctic Circle does not provide an alternative overnight solution in Ilulissat. This situation is unlikely, but there is a risk that the arctic weather prevents us from sailing. If this should happen, we offer full refund on the excursion. 


Duration: 20 hours
Difficulty: 3 of 5
Season: 1. march - 10.april
Participants: Minimum 4 on the boat shuttle