Oqaatsut: Hike & Cultural Immersion

Walk & Talk - multiple day tour

Join us in this incredible hike to Oqaatsut and stay the night in this beautiful settlement. We meet the locals, join them for their daily activities and learn about the Greenlandic culture and history.

On the first day, we invite you to walk with us, accompanied by our local guide and take you through the fauna, flora and stories of this untouched landscape: a bay full of icebergs, rivers where fish run up for migration, Arctic flowers in the middle of tundra fields, or the rocks polished by the movement of glaciers. The guide will serve lunch and hot drinks during the hike.

Once in Oqaatsut, formerly Rodebay, we will settle down in our rooms and have a traditional dinner, with free time to walk around the settlement and experience this isolated gem.

Join the Local Activities

On the next day, we go on a small walk and tell you about the everyday life of the village’s inhabitants. We join some local activities, tasks that the locals do in their everyday life. The activity is subject to the season and the activities that local people do, such as learning how to cook and smoke fish, collecting wild plants and flowers for tea. At the end of the day, we will be picked up by boat and return to Ilulissat.

This is the perfect tour, if you really want to experience the authentic Greenland.

Our local English speaking guide will translate, so you understand and learn about the Greenlandic culture, history and everyday life from the locals in Oqaatsut.


Destination: Ilulissat
Duration: 2 Days
Difficulty: 3 of 5
Season: June to September