Oqaatsut: Authentic Settlement Experience

Connect with the Inuit culture and the Arctic environment - multiple day tour

This is a journey to the heart of Greenland, where winter is cold but the hearts of people are warm. Riding a snowmobile to the settlement, walking over the sea ice to see northern lights, eating local food, meeting and spending time with the local families of the settlement. And the highlight of the trip, a dogsled journey with a local from the settlement and his dogs.

The snowmobile has become a very frequent mean of transport in Arctic countries, because it adapts to a wide variety of terrains and allows quick access to the remotest places. This is why we are using this mean of transport to travel from Ilulissat to the settlement of Oqaatsut. The scenery of this journey is beautiful and varied, with snowy valleys and mountains, small huts of hunters, lakes with black ice and a big bay that freezes over with icebergs stuck in the midst of the sea ice.

Stay with the locals and enjoy Greenlandic cuisine

In Oqaatsut you will be accommodated in a local house that has been converted into a B&B, with private rooms for 1 or 2 people and a big living room where we will eat breakfast and enjoy spare time, with views of the frozen sea and the mountains in the back. The meals will be cooked by local families with local ingredients and our guide will be your interpreter to talk with them in Greenlandic.

One of the night activities will be walking from the settlement over the frozen sea, to find the best spot to see our shades under the full moon or the natural phenomena of the Northern Lights. The other night activity will be indoors, a warm evening with locals.

Try the incredible dog sled

The second day, our full day of in the settlement, we will do something unique: dogsledding. A local musher will take you with his dogs to do an unforgettable journey through the untouched surroundings of Oqaatsut.

Travel back in time and get away from everything you know. Far away from your everyday lifestyle, discover a new, real world where nature is the one setting the pace.

The last day is when we depart from Oqaatsut, saying goodbye to these cold and beautiful surroundings and its warm and welcoming inhabitants. We will ride back with our snowmobiles to Ilulissat, a journey with great scenery, ideal as a farewell for these three authentic days in the settlement.


Destination: Ilulissat
Duration: 3 Days
Difficulty: 3 of 5
Season: January to April
Price: 5995 DKK


Price information

Price includes

  • Guide
  • Equipment: Jacket, pants, boots, mittens, helmet.
  • 2 nights in a B&B
  • 2 breakfast
  • 3 meals with a local family