Midnight sailing to the icefjord

Icefjord sailing in the midnight sun

We will sail to the icefjord and spend the evening in the changing and gentle evening light, which gives the icebergs a silky shade, changing from white and bluish tones at night to more violet, yellow and reddish hues as the sun moves closer to the horizon or just below it.

Due to Ilulissat’s location 69 degrees North, summertime not only means a warmer climate, it also means midnight sun, from approx. the 20th of May to the 23rd of July. When the midnight sun-season is over, you can book our excursion "Icefjord Sailing". 

We depart from our own harbor at Hotel Hvide Falk, where the meeting point is as well. Our boats can accommodate 12 passengers, which gives you great opportunity to enjoy the view, ask our guide questions and enjoy the quiet and overwhelmingness of the Icefjord. 

Coffee and tea will be served onboard to keep us warm, and toilets are also available.

Sailing is one of the most popular outings in Ilulissat – don’t miss out!







Destination: Ilulissat
Duration: 2,5
Difficulty: 1 of 5
Season: June - August
Participants: min. 4 - max. 12