Photo by Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland


The traditional greenlandic get-together

Experience one of Greenland's most beloved traditions, as you take part in a traditional Kaffemik hosted by a local of Ilulissat.

Historically, Kaffemik has been the traditional way to celebrate everything from baptism and birthdays to weddings and first day of school. If something calls for a celebration, Greenlanders will invite family, friends and acquaintances over for Kaffemik.

Try the beloved Tradition

For this Kaffemik, we are invited to the home of a local host, who will serve coffee, tea and different cakes, which is the most important part of any Kaffemik. The host will explain us about the tradition and explain how it sometimes takes weeks to prepare, if an entire settlement is invited, as it is the custom in the smaller settlement still to this day.

Traditionally, the Kaffemik is an all day affair, where guests will drop-in throughout the day and stay for a short period of time before leaving again. However, for this private Kaffemik we will stay longer and have plenty of time to learn about the Greenlandic culture and the modern Greenland. If you have any questions about this incredible country, the Kaffemik is a great opportunity to get them answered.


Kaffemik is only available for groups upon request.


Destination: Ilulissat
Duration: 2 hours
Difficulty: 1 of 5
Season: February - November
Participants: Only for groups
This tour is by request.
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