Icefjord sailing and whale watching

Sailing with M/S Smilla to the Icefjord for sightings of icebergs and a whale watching adventure.

We will sail on the known and reliable M/S Smilla towards the Icefjord, coming close to the icebergs that have made this area world-known. Our skipper and sailor guide will be actively looking for the fin and humpback whales that have been numerous around Ilulissat from the end of May to late autumn. NOTE Possibility to purchase BREAKFAST or DINNER and more. Read below.

During the summer, Ilulissat becomes ”the city that never sleeps”, and what could an adventurer think of other than experiencing and sensing while the sun still reigns on, the places where the whales might be hiding, possibly behind the next iceberg around the corner? Don't despair, we are ready to begin the search for the whales, their blows which can sometimes be heard miles away and the spectacular sight of approaching Ilulissat's giant icebergs.


We sail onboard M/S Smilla, known far beyond the country's borders as the preferred tour boat for heads of state and other celebrities who have visited Ilulissat. We personally recommend Smilla because in addition to being comfortable, safe and reliable, it has room for guests both at the stern and at the bow of the boat as well as at the top of the cab, providing a sublime observation spot for whales, icebergs and panoramic views of the city as soon as one has some distance from it.

Of course, we need to see the icebergs at close but safe distance, and our skipper is constantly aware that the whales can appear 360 degrees around the boat, so we’ll keep an eye out in all directions once we have passed the city hospital. The whales often tend to forage close to the icefjord, which is full of life and sustenance, which is why we can almost guarantee you perfect sight and experiences, even if they prolong their arrival.

For this excursion you can add a lunch at Hotel Hvide Falk (HHF) for DKK 250 if you choose a 9:30 or the13:30 departure. If you choose the first departure, the lunch begins immediately upon arrival back to HHF. If you choose the 13:30 departure, the lunch will commence at HHF at noon.

Dinner at HHF can be added for DKK 300, - if you choose the departure at 16:00.


At 9:30, or 13:30, or 16:00 from the HHF gangway bridge.


Destination: Ilulissat
Duration: 2,5
Difficulty: 1 of 5
Season: June 1 - October 1
Participants: 12
Price: 975 DKK


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