Greenland Glacier Camp - opens in 2021

An unparalleled location to unwind!

UNESCO World Heritage Site: Greenland Glacier Camp is a new one-of-a-kind camp, close to the Greenland Ice Sheet and right in front of a glacier and a meltwater lake. Here, the calm and the silence of nature dominate the natural environment. The few guests who stay with us at the camp have their own and very spacious shelters; luxuriously furnished, with comfortable beds, linens and other necessities, inspired by high-end camps from the African Savannah.

The temperatures here are those of the latitudes of the polar circle obviously, but still quite pleasant, as we only keep the camp open during the warmest months - from late June to the beginning of September in 2021.  

As our guest, we'll cater to your every need so your only focus is enjoying the absolute silence and peaceful surroundings. 

Guests come to Greenland Glacier Camp to obtain peace of mind, time and utter silence in order to listen to nature. The creaking ice from the glacier, the melting water and the wind gently bending the sparse amount of grass and Arctic plants and flowers. Perhaps it's a lucky day and you can see a herd of musk ox. Maybe a reindeer appears while you are enjoying the views from your private wooden terrace?

This is a wi-fi free location; you will not be disturbed by interfering e-mails, ringtones, radio, television, tablets etc.  

Whatever happens, you are here to be spoiled on the premises of nature and to become a part of the Arctic environment with little human interference.

Practical necessities and amenities such as delicious food and drinks will be prepared and served from our famous Restaurant Roklubben. And of course, we will make sure to provide you with appropriate bathing facilities and tundra toilets on site. Greenland Glacier Camp is located within the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Aasivissuit - Nipisat

We and our Greenland Glacier Camp Manager are looking forward to welcoming you!


Destination: Greenland Glacier Camp
Duration: From 3 days / 2 nights
Difficulty: 2 of 5
Season: From 2021: Late June - Early September
Participants: 2


Practical information

Departure dates

Mondays and Fridays from June to September 2020.