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Gear Up

Clothing and equipment rentals

We understand that preparing and packing for an outdoor adventure experience north of the Arctic Circle can be both important and challenging. We are here to help!

To help simplify your preparations, we are pleased to offer various types of insulated clothing, boots and special equipment for rent at reasonable prices. Various sizes are available, however, only a limited selection of clothing is available for children. All rental prices are shown in Danish Kroner (DKK).


Sealskin clothing (anorak, trousers) and boots

Available for rent when booking an Albatros Arctic Circle multi-day dog sledding excursion.

Price: 350 DKK per day


Boots for crampons

Available for rent when booking an Albatros Arctic Circle Full Day Adventure or Camp Ice Cap.

Price: 200 DKK per day


Insulated suit (one-piece)

Price: 250 DKK per day


Sleeping Bag

Price: 225 DKK per day


Contact us for further information.


Did you know?

Kangerlussuaq is one of the warmest places in summertime, but also one of the coldest places in Greenland in wintertime.