Eqi Glacier Tour

Experience the magnificent Eqi glacier up close

Join this tour to the incredible Eqi glacier, one of the biggest calving glaciers in Greenland. We will go in our fast boat with limited seats on this half-day tour, where you have to time to enjoy the trip and the glacier itself.

It’s always a breathtaking experience when you approach the Eqi glacier by boat. The four-kilometer wide and 200-meter-tall wall of ice rises between the mountains on the beautiful Greenlandic coast. You can hear and see the massive calvings from far away, as huge chunks of ice break off and hits the water. 

The Eqi glacier, also known as Eqip Sermia in Greenlandic, is located 70 kilometer north of Ilulissat and is one of the largest calving glaciers in all of Greenland. From here, there is easy access to the ice sheet, which is why it was used by some of the first polar explorers in Greenland to study the ice sheet.

The tour is roughly six hours. As a result, you have time to do other stuff in the same day. Due to the unpredictable conditions with ice in the Disko Bay, the amount of time it takes to reach the glacier varies from day to day. Our captain will make sure that you get as much time as possible by the glacier within the timeframe of the excursion. The distance from where we can admire the glacier also varies depending on the amount of ice that have calved from the glacier front. Usually we will be within 2-3 kilometres from the glacier. 
No matter the exact distance to the glacier or the lenght of the stay, it is an incredible experience to witness the enormous glacier, and hopefully a calving - big or small. 

During the tour, our experienced guide will explain about the nature we pass, the glacier itself and the cultural history of the area. If we are lucky, we might spot a whale or two on the way to or from the glacier, and it is 99% sure, that we will see plenty of icebergs from llulissat Icefjord along the way. 

Our Targa is built for the purpose and has a limited number of seats, making it unique experience to go to the glacier. The boat is equipped with a flybridge with a great view to all sides which can be used while we are in front of the glacier.



Destination: Ilulissat
Duration: 6 hours
Difficulty: 1 of 5
Season: June - September
Participants: min 4 - max 12


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