Dog Sledding Tour, 3 days

Dog sledding is a meaningful part of Greenlandic culture and is a traditional, age-old form of transportation that has been used by the Inuit for centuries when the landscape becomes otherwise impassable beneath blankets of snow and ice.

The trip between Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut offers a true expedition experience, allowing you to test your limits in a controlled environment and truly begin to grasp Greenland’s enormity. During the 3-day journey, you will mostly overnight in remote hunting cabins, but some time will be spent in a tent.

Together with the sled driver on this expedition, you will experience Greenland’s harsh and captivating environment, where man, animal and nature work harmoniously. You will become an important part of the team and will be involved with preparing food, packing the sled and feeding the dogs. The trip can be quite challenging at times and guests should be in good health and condition. Due to the rough and unpredictable terrain, including ascents and descents, we do not recommend this tour for people who have back problems.

Please note that it is obligatory to rent polar clothing (seal skin or down) and boots, unless you have proper polar equipment of your own. In our experience, very few participants bring adequate equipment to ensure their safety and comfort while on the expedition. Our staff will determine whether you have proper clothes for this expedition.

If you are interested in renting gear, Albatros Arctic Circle offers equipment rentals.

As an alternative, this expedition can begin in Sisimiut. Contact us for details.


Destination: Kangerlussuaq
Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
Difficulty: 4 of 5
Season: February - April
Participants: Max 2
Price: 14965 DKK


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Price information


When booking a dog sledding tour, the number of guests permitted on the sled per excursion is two. The minimum age for participation is 10 years. Pricing varies depending upon the number of guests, who will be joining the excursion.


The following pricing applies to our 3-day dog sledding expedition, starting in Kangerlussuaq and concluding in Sisimiut. Contact us if you would like further information on expeditions from from Sisimiut to Kangerlussuaq.


1 guest
Adult: 16,975 DKK
Children: Not available
2 guests
Adult: 14,965 DKK per person
Children (10-11 years): 14,965 DKK per person


Polar-grade clothing - see gear

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Equipment / Supplies


Sleeping bag

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Polar-grade clothing

Post-tour return transport

Practical information

Who can participate?

Refer to the explaination of our the rating system that further describes the degrees of difficulty associated with our excursions. This tour is rated 4 of 5 on our scale.


Children under the age of 10 are not permitted on this 3-day dog sledding expedition.

General Safety Rules

Your guide will provide a full briefing prior to the start of your excursion. It is essential that you adhere to the regulations in place, so that we can best ensure your safety, as well as the safety of your guide and the dog sledding team.