Boat & Hike The Fjord

Just like the locals do

Greenland’s wide-open spaces, crisp air, seemingly endless landscape and the absence of modernity, gives one the sense that this untouched frontier is beckoning to be discovered and preserved.

Time spent exploring the fjord and her surrounding mountains is a Greenlandic summer tradition, similar to beach outings, forest walks and picnics in other countries. On this excursion, we will experience this beloved summer pastime with a boat trip across the fjord, hike along the mountainside and enjoy a delicious barbecue of Greenlandic specialties.
Our journey first beings with a short drive to the harbor, where our boat will be waiting. With a maximum capacity of 12 passengers, this boat gives us the opportunity to explore the fjord’s open-water, as well as the hidden nooks along the beautiful coastline.

With all guests and the guide aboard, the boat moves steadfastly onto Kangerlussuaq Fjord, which at 170 kilometers (106 miles) is the longest fjord in Greenland. We will cruise about 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) into the fjord, where the waters shimmer in a beautiful turquoise blue, thanks to the gravel and slit sediment produced by the crushing force of glacial flows.

Arriving to the fjord’s southern shoreline, we will venture ashore at a point called ’Tatsip Panersiivia’. This area is reminiscent of a special place in Greenland’s distant history, where the Inuit skillfully maneuvered their handcrafted canoes and kayaks along the fjord’s shores in hunt of reindeer, musk oxen, hares, foxes and gamebirds like the ptarmigan. Today, the area is still rich in wildlife and with just a little luck, we will spot some of these local creatures.

Our trek up the mountain ridge is easy and offers a great view of the fjord, but an even more spectacular vista awaits just 125 meters (410 feet) up. Upon arriving to our new vantage point, time is available for you to explore the area, while we prepare the barbeque. Anglers in the group might enjoy casting a line in search of fresh trout (Arctic char), which we can barbeque on site or bring back home, while nature lovers and walking enthusiasts might meander further to a 500-meter high mountain peak, which lies approximately 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) away.

We have come prepared with a guidebook of the local flora to help better identify flowers and plants along our route. Among other things, you are certain to behold the national flower of Greenland, “Niviarsiaq”, which means “young woman”. This beautiful flower is known as a broad-leaf fireweed and blossoms into a vibrant blend of pink and lavender during the warmer, flowering months.

After spending several pleasant hours exploring the mountain, we will return to our boat for an enjoyable crossing back across the fjord and into the harbor.


Destination: Kangerlussuaq
Duration: 6 hours
Difficulty: 2 of 5
Season: June - September


Practical information


  • Guide
  • Transportation
  • Fishing gear
  • BBQ