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Ilulissat, near SermermiutThe local ice cap of Kangerlussuaq

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Excursions in Kangerlussuaq, Ilulissat and Oqaatsut

Albatros Arctic Circle

Kangerlussuaq & Ilulissat

With strong footholds in Kangerlussuaq and Ilulissat, we provide our guests with unforgettable experiences of the epitome of Greenland. 

Greenland is a matchless, unique place, and we are determined to show our guests how incredibly beautiful and untouched this great Arctic island is. 
We cherish the wide, open spaces. The cold winter with gleaming snow, breathtaking northern lights, the sound of the Arctic sled dog's paws touching the fresh snow. We cherish the green summer, lit up by midnight sun, the seemingly endless icesheet, and the playful whales. 
Yes, the list is long, and we could go on. We don't just know Greenland's history, the names of its birds, wildlife, and nature. We breathe the crisp, Arctic air, and feel it coursing through our veins. 

We look forward to sharing our love and admiration for this magnificient country. Unforgettable experiences awaits!